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Lacking Self-Awareness in OCPD

March 6, 2023

Individuals with Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder lack awareness of their symptoms and how they affect the environment that surrounds them. OCPD is a mental health condition that causes an extensive preoccupation...

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Attachment Styles in the Workplace

February 6, 2023

Attachment styles have historically been helpful in explaining how our bond with our primary caregiver, impacts the bonds we create with our romantic partners and other relationships. The focus is...

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reImagine the Way You Sleep

November 15, 2022

Most of us have experienced the feeling of “waking up on the wrong side of the bed” which unfortunately can lead to feeling sluggish throughout the day. The quality of...

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Minority Mental Health Care

June 1, 2022

Respecting the culture, ethnicity, ability, values, and religious beliefs of different groups of people benefits everyone as individuals and as members of society. This is particularly true when it comes...

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reImagine the Way You Help Others

March 30, 2022

The reImagine Workbook is a curriculum-driven program developed to aid people who are struggling with extreme life circumstances and mental and behavioral health difficulties. This workbook is a unique tool...

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Blog: Eating Disorders in Men

Eating Disorders in Men

January 27, 2022

We all know that the societal pressures girls and women feel to achieve unrealistic body ideals have been subject to public concern for quite some time. But girls and women...

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Blog: National Hispanic Heritage Month

National Hispanic Heritage Month

October 11, 2021

Hispanic Heritage Month gives us an opportunity to celebrate the strengths and values that are seen within our community. Strong family ties, pride for our countries, and our vibrant history...

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Blog: The Seasons of a Woman’s Life

The Seasons of a Woman’s Life

July 20, 2021

We women are called upon to wear many “hats” during the many seasons of our lives. If there is one thing we can absolutely count on in life, it is...

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Blog: Understanding Borderline Personality Disorder

Understanding Borderline Personality Disorder

July 20, 2021

Borderline Personality Disorder is often misdiagnosed and misunderstood. (more…)

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Blog: 5 Ways for Men to Strengthen Their Mental Health

5 Ways for Men to Strengthen Their Mental Health

July 19, 2021

We want to share just a few ways that intentional actions can boost not only the way you feel, but also help you live a healthy life! (more…)

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Blog: Summer Self-Care

Summer Self-Care

May 4, 2021

Many of us wait all year for summer. It brings hot weather, pool time, BBQ’s, trips and sometimes a break from work (i.e. teachers). Summer can also be a stressful...

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Blog: The Caregiver’s Dilemma in the Time of Coronavirus

The Caregiver’s Dilemma in the Time of Coronavirus: You Can’t Run Away!

March 4, 2021

I want to take a moment to recognize those folks that are not only caring for themselves, but are caregivers for others.  You are the people on the front line...

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Blog: Mindful of Emotions: COVID-19

Mindful of Emotions: COVID Edition

January 5, 2021

With COVID-19 continuing to influence many of our daily decisions, our world sits in flux and uncertainty. With the reopening of many cities, the shift between working from the office...

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Blog: Physical Activity & Improved Mental Health

Physical Activity and Improved Mental Health

January 5, 2021

Physical activity is one of the best activities a person can perform, with a wide range of physical benefits to their overall health. The best part about it is that...

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Blog: Grief During COVID-19

Grief During COVID-19

January 5, 2021

While most people think of grief in response to a death, it is common to experience grief after any type of loss. During the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us are...

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