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Mischer Behavioral Health Resource Center

Our Vision: Support for Addiction and Behavioral Health Issues

Right now, about a quarter of the US population deals with behavioral health issues and addictions, which can cause all sorts of challenges in life like relationships, work, money, and overall well-being. But even with so many people facing these issues, getting the right treatment is tough because of the stigma and lack of access to support and resources. It takes an average of two years for people to get the assistance they need for addiction to things like alcohol, prescription meds, vaping, or activities like gaming, gambling, and excessive social media use. It’s especially tough in Texas, where mental health care access ranks last among all states.

Opening Doors to Care and Treatment

With the launch of Gateway to Hope’s new Mischer Behavioral Health Resource Center (MBHRC), we’re opening doors to professional care and treatment for behavioral health issues and addictions. This “smart site” uses advanced AI technology to provide family members, clergy, faith leaders, school administrators, and employees easy access to evidence-based resources.

 Through the MBHRC site and “Grace” bot, users can:

  • Get quick responses to addiction and behavioral health-related questions and concerns.
  • Connect to carefully vetted professional behavioral health providers and treatment centers based on specialties.
  • Access evidence-based addiction prevention educational materials and downloadable resources.
  • Sign up for addiction and behavioral health training designed to equip family and community members with the knowledge base to support those in need.

And if that’s not enough, users of the MBHRC site can reach out to our Hope and Healing Center & Institute (HHCI) Hope Line. Our trained operators are ready to provide support, guidance, and referrals for behavioral health issues. At Gateway to Hope, our main goal is to help people address behavioral health issues and addiction as early as possible. The Mischer Behavioral Health Resource Center is designed to give hope and provide a smooth transition to assistance throughout the recovery journey. This site is a unique and crucial part of the continuum of care. So, visit mentalhealthgateway.org/mischer-behavioral-health today and discover the resources and support needed to overcome the challenges of addiction and behavioral health issues.