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The Seasons of a Woman’s Life

We women are called upon to wear many “hats” during the many seasons of our lives. If there is one thing we can absolutely count on in life, it is that nothing is a constant. In this roller coaster ride of life we do not know what unexpected challenges are around the next curve. Surviving and living well depends on our ability to adapt, change course, and redefine ourselves frequently.

You might find yourself in the season of life that is defined by a full nest of little ones who need your nurturing, attention, and guidance daily.   Perhaps your nest is finally empty for the first time in decades as your last offspring just left for college.   Or, maybe you have recently changed your status from married to single and are trying to navigate the waters of life following a divorce or death of a spouse. Our lives as women are full of twists and turns in the road. The curveballs will find us, no matter how much we try to avoid them and just “duck!”

So, what seems to help us survive these troubled or changing waters of life? What helps us successfully stay afloat and make it safely to the other shore during these struggles? Why do some people seem to move through times of change with more ease and confidence than others do? Are there some important ingredients in the formula for being successful as we travel through these ups and downs in our life seasons?

There are some essential steps that we women can take to stack the deck in our favor as we travel through each new chapter in our lives. First, learning how to embrace change and using this opportunity to redefine who we are and what we want is key. Second, learning how to become our own best friend through taking time to reconnect to the woman within.   When we step out of the roles we play and make a deliberate effort to examine our lives we can find our authentic selves again.   It is also important to nourish our souls through setting aside time to pause and be in the moment. We need to take an inventory from time to time and decide if our lives are in balance, allowing enough time to replenish and restore ourselves. Lastly, practicing daily gratitude, reconnecting with our passions, and connecting with our friends will help us keep our heads above the swirling waters of life and not only survive but more importantly, to also flourish.


Written by

Deborah A. Olson, M.A. LPC, Galleria Counseling & Consulting