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The 4 R’s

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Introduction to The 4 R’s

One in five adults experience mental illness every year, yet fewer than half of those receive treatment. These issues affect people from all walks of life – no one is immune to psychological distress. Although mental illness is fairly common, sufferers often feel too embarrassed to seek help. This can ultimately have devastating consequences – mental illness lessens an individual’s quality of life and can even result in suicide.

Learn how to create a safe environment for those struggling with mental illness in this online training with Dr. Matt Stanford. This course will equip you with the techniques for identifying mental illness, developing safe and effective situational responses, and building a network to quickly connect those in distress with professional care.

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Handouts for The 4 R's Training

The Kessler Psychological Distress Scale (K6) abbreviated resource for unspecified distress
Evaluation Tool

Additional Resources for EMPOWER Training

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Navigating a Mental Health Crisis

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