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Power of Presence

diciembre 21, 2019

How powerful is presence amid grief?  Please listen as Dr. Peggy Determeyer shares the Power of Presence.

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Social Media and the Holidays

diciembre 18, 2019

Social media can be stressful and consuming. Our Director of Clinical Services delivers 5 things you can do to replace your time on social media.

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Myths about Grief

diciembre 10, 2019

Does grief have a timeline? Can staying busy eliminate pain? Learn more as Dr. Peggy Determeyer uncovers grief myths.

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Holiday Loneliness

diciembre 6, 2019

The holidays can bring loneliness due to the loss of a loved one. Listen as our Director of Clinical Services discusses tips to combat the holiday loneliness. (más…)

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Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

diciembre 1, 2019

Our Director of Clinical Services, discusses Seasonal Affective Disorder symptoms, tips, and treatment.

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