Become Empowered

In this interactive workshop you will master the 4 R’s framework, including techniques for identifying mental illness, safe and effective situational response and building a network to quickly connect those in distress with professional care.

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Train to Transform

Building and sustaining supportive groups within your faith community for individuals with mental illness as well as family members is critical in today’s environment where many wait for professional care. You will be trained in our curriculum and guided in launching and nurturing your own groups.

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Be Renewed

Strengthen your ministry with a dedicated peer mental health coach trained and certified in our Thrive curriculum. These individuals will be mentored and guided by our team and supported with ongoing training opportunities to ensure their effectiveness.

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Gateway to HopeTM training is offered free of charge —regardless of group size—at your location and training is conducted by a mental health coach who guides your progress and supports you in deepening your mental health ministry.

Mental Disorders

A mental disorder is a medical condition that affects the way a person thinks, feels, and copes with the ordinary demands and routines of day-to-day life. Mental disorders are more common than you think. One in five adults, an estimated 54 million Americans, suffer from some type of mental disorder, and one in 17 adults live with a serious mental illness.

Researchers recognize more than 200 mental health conditions with multiple linking causes such as genetics, traumatic life experiences, biochemical processes, and brain structure can all play a part in the onset of a mental disorder.

Gateway to Hope Training

Gateway to Hope is an evidence-based training providing you with tested tools and ongoing support to help you compassionately support those in distress and build and restore lives to health and wholeness. Training is organized to focus on key aspects of your mental health ministry and provides expert resources for any situation.

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Grace for the Afficted

Grace for the Afflicted is written to educate Christians about mental illness from both biblical and scientific perspectives by Matthew Stanford, PhD , CEO of the Hope and Healing Center and Institute.

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