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The Hope and Healing Center & Institute transforms lives and restores hope by serving as a comprehensive mental health resource and community center for people of all backgrounds, faiths, and circumstances and a training center, research facility, and collaborating partner for organizations with complementary missions. We provide free of charge:

Education–programs to educate the community and reduce the stigma of mental illness and addiction; continuing education for mental health professionals; and a clinical placement for graduate student interns

• Supportive Services–support groups, mental health coaching, mental health planning and referrals for individuals, families, and caregivers struggling with addiction of any mental health di culty or disorder

• Training–mental health training for faith communities that equips them to recognize and respond to the mental health needs of their congregants and the community-at-large

• Research–transformative research that bridges the gap between the mental health and faith communities and provides practical solutions for the afflicted and their families

Each week, we serve over 600 individuals from 191 area zip codes—63% of whom do not carry health insurance. We need your help to serve even more individuals in need and to train others to support those in crisis.

Together, we must work to solve the mental health care crisis.


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