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Our Current Partners

Antioch Baptist Church,
Pearland, TX

Bethany Baptist Church,
Houston, TX

Canaan Baptist Church,
Houston, TX

Clear Lake Presbyterian Church,
Clear Lake, TX

Fellowship Enlightenment New Community Baptist Church, Houston, TX

Greater Jerusalem Baptist Church, Houston, TX

Greater Zion Missionary Baptist Church, Houston, TX

North Central Baptist Church,
Houston, TX


Pathways Presbyterian Church,
Houston, TX

South Park Baptist Church, Houston, TX

St. Francis of Assisi Episcopal Church, Prairie View, TX

The Presbytery of New Covenant, Houston, TX

St. John the Divine Episcopal Church, Houston, TX

The Harbor, Friendswood, TX

Webster Presbyterian Church,
Webster, TX

Grace Cathedral Church, Houston, TX

New Day Deliverance Holiness Church, Houston, TX


Harvest Time Bible Church,
Port Arthur, TX

Greater Northeast Memorial Baptist Church, Houston, TX

St. Paul’s Presbyterian,
Needville, TX

St. Matthews Baptist Church, Houston, TX

Lord of the Streets Episcopal Church, Houston, TX

Greater New Testament Memorial Baptist Church, Houston, TX

Houston Deliverance Center, Houston, TX

St. Martin’ Episcopal Church, Houston, TX

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