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HHCI Appoints Erica Fletcher to the Zorich Fellowship in Mental Health Policy

Houston, TX—Erica Fletcher, PhD, has joined the Hope and Healing Center & Institute as a new Research Fellow. Erica Fletcher began her new position in June.

As the Zorich Fellow in Mental Health Policy, Dr. Fletcher will continue her work to support community-based approaches to mental health, and collaborate with local coalitions, organizations, and other stakeholders in advocating for innovative mental health policy. Her current research investigates best practices within peer-operated crisis respite programs.

Dr. Fletcher completed her PhD at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston. She received her BS in Anthropology, Sociology and Psychology from The University of Houston and served as a Visiting Assistant Professor for her alma mater. Erica grew up in Houston.


Mental health problems impact nearly every aspect of our society. Public policy makes a difference in the lives of both the people living with a mental illness and the people in their lives. Changes in policy can mean more accessible and affordable care for those struggling. Public policy is critical in transforming and improving mental health care access in the state of Texas. As the Zorich Fellow in Mental Health Policy at the Hope and Healing Center & Institute, Dr. Erica Fletcher will interact with state leaders, policymakers and other stakeholders to raise the level of discourse and improve the care and treatment of individuals living with a mental illness.

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